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    St Andrew’s strives to provide every child with an opportunity to explore and extend their abilities, helping each to grow into a happy and confident individual, preparing them for the pressures of modern day life.

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    We provide the best possible education through outstanding pastoral care, highly qualified staff and seek to instill in every child a desire to reach for higher achievements in academic, arts, drama, music and sport.

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    The St Andrew’s Walk will bring together our community. Your family name will become part of the school history, where St Andrew’s has grown from a small acorn to a mighty oak.

The St Andrew's

St Andrew’s School is committed to providing the highest quality of education and pastoral care and to maintain and enhance the school’s facilities.  The magnificent Sports Centre, with its state of the art facilities, is our current commitment and we are delighted to announce the chance to be part of school history by having your name, or your year group written in stone in The St Andrew’s Walk.

The St Andrew’s Walk  will offer any family of the St Andrew’s Community, past or present, to have their name inscribed on a paving stone, to form part of the pavement leading around the new Sports Centre. 

This walkway will link the playing fields, artificial pitch and school to our new Sports Centre and will be another wonderful area for our children to play.

We would like to invite any St Andrew’s family to be part of The St Andrew’s Walk, whether you have left the school, are due to leave, or wish to play hopscotch from one friend’s name to another!  There are three sizes of paving stone to choose from and this campaign is open now.

We hope you will agree that this is a wonderful chance for your family, or year group to be a permanent part of St Andrew’s and we look forward to seeing your name surrounding our first class Sports facility when it opens in the Autumn.

If you are trying to donate from overseas or you would rather donate by cheque please contact the school office and speak to Sharon Willis on  0118 974 4276.


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Next Installation

  • If you decide to make a donation, you can choose any of the formats shown. It can be your family name, your year group or maybe someone you wish to thank or remember.
  • The deadline for Phase 2 stones has now passed. Stones for the next phase are now available to purchase. The final deadline for all purchases will be Tuesday, 31st July 2018